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Tummy Time: What is it, and how can I do it with my baby?!
Caroline Hickey, MS, OTR/L

As a new parent, you may have heard how “tummy time”, or putting your infant on their belly while
supervised, is very important in your baby’s routine. But why is tummy time important, and how can you
get your baby to engage in tummy time?

Tummy time creates so many benefits for your baby. It reduces the chance of a flat or misshapen head
due to extended sleep time on their back. It promotes strengthening as babies will use their muscles to
hold the position. They also will be moving their head around in this position, which can stimulate the
sensory systems including vision, body awareness, and vestibular. It is an ideal position for play where
babies can explore, experience, and become comfortable in their bodies and environments.
When your baby is on their tummy, they are using postural muscles to hold themselves upright.
These muscles include the trunk, neck, and core muscles. Tummy time will set your baby up for success when
they begin to rolling, sitting, and crawling. Changing the baby’s head position in space also helps with vestibular
processing. Babies are able to move their head up, down, left, and right,
and explore their surroundings using their vision as well in tummy time. When babies use their vision more, they are working out their eye muscles and building visual tracking skills. The development of the motor and sensory,  systems are crucial for reaching developmental milestones. This includes the visual sense and the movement sense.
We recommend that babies build up their tummy time tolerance to 60-80 minutes of tummy time a day.
But how can you do this? Begin with just a few minutes of tummy time at a time. Continue building up your little one’s tolerance and the longer they participate, the stronger they are getting. Start by laying your baby on their tummy first during floor play. Make sure they are entertained with toys, music, visuals, or your face – your
baby will love when you engage with them during tummy time! Babies also can benefit from physical
support, so placing them in tummy time over your leg, a bolster, or blanket can help support them and
improve their tolerance. Please remember to always supervise your baby during tummy time, and to
check for their stress signs which may signal the need for a well-deserved break. Your little one works
hard during tummy time!

Dynamic Solutions is hosting Tummy Time Classes through our Beyond Birth program. The goals of the 4
week session are to promote parent comfort and independence with playing on the floor with their
baby, help the babies reach their milestones on time, and improve tummy time tolerance to 60-80
minutes a day. During the session, caregivers and baby will work on tummy time as well as other
developmental movements such as rolling, hands to feet, side lying, sitting, and tracking.  More information and sign ups can be found on the Beyond Birth page of our website.


You can reach Caroline at caroline@dynamicsolutionstherapy.com

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