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About Us

At Dynamic Solutions Physical And Occupational Therapy we provide individual therapy to each child and his or her family. We always assess each child to uncover the underlying foundational issues and set forth goals and a treatment plan designed to treat the primary dysfunction, utilizing our vast wealth of knowledge and experience. Children grow and develop through movement, positive and successful experiences, and repetition.

There is always a focus on strengthening, proper alignment and posture, and the overall well being and health of the child. We believe family involvement and training is imperative and always encourage full participation and provide home programs reinforcing all therapeutic efforts. We offer these opportunities while maintaining and fostering a warm, compassionate and safe setting in our private practice in the heart of brownstone Brooklyn and are ready to support you and your child through life’s challenges.

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546 Court St Brooklyn NY 11231
Phone: 718-254-0800
Fax: 718-254-0888

37 8th Ave Brooklyn NY 11217
Phone: 718-636-0545
Fax: 718-636-0634